The ‘Field’

There is a field with no name. It is a place as decipherable as night is to day. As the night is deficient of light, the field is deficient of the idea of ‘right and wrong’.

This ‘idea’ or ‘concept’ of right and wrong seems trivial. It isn’t.

It is at the heart of ‘contention’ – where nearly everything we say and do involves a struggle where we automatically insert our views, our preferences, our ‘rights’ that oppose their ‘wrongs’.

The instances of being with another person and not having ‘differences’ is rare indeed. But the results of such occurrences can bring Magic.

Being in this ‘field’ may be close to impossible for many. Being there means you have left behind judgment. You have no agenda and you do not want to hear what someone else has to share as far as their agenda goes. The ‘field’ is a perpetual, silent, meditation.

The difference between this and all events of the earth is that there is never the desire for gain. You’re not out to discover the best ride, the best party, the best anything. The idea is to lose your conception of everything.

To be led – indiscriminately, haphazardly, promiscuously – totally unrestrained. To be open to any and every thing. And instead of seeing things through the lens of ‘right and wrong’ or ‘good and bad’ – to just experience what is there, to be open to what has been given to you.

Is this idea of the ‘field’ good for you? For most, that answer will never be known. If we rely on personal reasoning, the decision to even try it will be precluded.

If and when ‘freedom’ (of the optimal kind) begins to become more than just a passing fancy to you, when the thought of disregarding all the rights and wrongs of this world won’t stop nagging you, when the ecstasy of forgetfulness of living becomes worthy enough for your attention and consideration . . .

the field is waiting. Ready to transport you to venues so Magical there are no words for their description.

No, that’s not possible.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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