Eight Billion of Us

(If every one of us has $3,500 in our pocket we could pay off our national debt.)

All similar, all different. Each wondering ‘why?’ Each grabbing for his or her slice. Each hoping, in their own way, to better their existence.

Decades ago this concept of the Infinite came into being, for me. Its workings seemed miraculous, and they still do. But here’s the thing . . .

There is no way of knowing if similar results, or any for that matter, can be passed on to others. I have no idea what thoughts fill your mind or their receptivity to mingle with others. It’s even difficult to identify what thoughts I have in my mind!

I know what seems to work for me; openness, purity, listening, etc., but will my sharing that with you make your life better? I have no idea.

You, YOU, are different. Unique. You are someone who has experienced life like no one else has. Your values are distinctive and personal. They are your own.

You are one, out of eight billion. Just like everyone else. We were all dealt a hand to play, and we all can choose how to play that hand.

Take a period of time and ponder on your own – without any other input – this hand you were dealt. Consider the subtleties and power the uniqueness your hand provides.

Discern, and allow, exactly what is needed for YOU to flourish in the most delightful way. Your ‘way’.

The time spent in this discovery can be life-changing. The best period of your life. Make your own rules. Follow only what is in YOUR heart.

Speaking for myself, and as a part of the other 7,999,999,999,

we’d love to hear what you have to share about . . . what works for you.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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