A Reason for Concern

As the ocean is trapped within the confines of its shores, Sarah’s thoughts were trapped within the boundaries of her mind.

Her concern took her twenty steps. She wanted to get twenty steps closer to her reason, but her twenty steps brought more uncertainty, more confusion and more grief. Staring downward brought immobility as if she were now dragging a huge anchor.

The reason for her concern now echoed louder and became even more dominant. She stared into the turmoil of the sea which concentrated her only thoughts of anguish, betrayal, hopelessness and possible suicide.

A strong rip-tide pushed on her legs which was strong enough to knock her off balance. ‘This is the end,’ she thought. ‘Let someone else try to make sense of this despair.’

The ultimate divorce took about three seconds to complete. Three seconds to rid herself of all she ever assumed she was. That ever-present mound of personal garbage somehow disengaged itself from her and was gone, forever.

As Sarah’s gaze lifted, she could just make out in the horizon her ‘reason’ – tail between its legs – scampering away at full speed.

She had never floated so effortlessly. Gone were the problems, the despair, the anchors, the negatives. As Sarah began to select items of perfection for her once cluttered mind, a new concern began to coalesce. She asked herself . . .

‘Why was this transformation so difficult for me? All it required was to let go of all the garbage I had amassed over the years.’

She drifted back to shore with the recollection of her old and new identity. ‘It was just a choice! All these years I just kept on making the wrong choice! Bravery isn’t even needed, just common sense.’

From possible acceptance of death, to a life of unboundedness. Three seconds.

That ‘concern’ became her reason.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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