What Is Carried Forward?

We may want to start over, try something new – without all of our biases, memories and learnt behaviors. So we opt for a ‘clean slate’. But that slate will never be perfectly clean again.

We can suppress what we have been subjected to, but we can’t obliterate it.

So, we try ‘getting out a new page’. It is clean enough, pure enough – isolated from any past happenings. We stare at its ominous emptiness.

And in that interim we are lost. The slate calls out to us for something to be put on it that makes sense. A starting point.

We are in a crucial moment. We reach behind us and grab that one thing that we know will at least get us started. We carry it forward and use it to begin. And then maybe one or two other personal gems we know will keep the process going.

Those few, special, chosen attributes should be identified and understood. They are a part of the foundation of who we are as individuals. They are the building-blocks of our existence.

Rather than any type of suppression, those facets should be pondered. If everything we do is going to start with close replicas of them, it may be a good idea to ascertain their most effective usage.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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