The Total Absence of Constraints

What follows is an unabashedly personal trek into the realm of ‘freedom’ and finding your true self. Most of us are content enough to not even bother with freedom. But, some of us are not that content. This message is for the latter.

While most go through life like a cage in search of a playmate, we’ll do away with cages and any other forms of captivity, starting with scripts.

Scripts are those memorized actions we have accrued over the years to respond immediately to life’s happenings without any thought whatsoever. A dear friend calls . . . instinctively you know how you will answer the phone, what will be included and what will not. Scripts are also auto-pilots that take us to the store and back with no thought. Any action from a script is void of being open to serendipity or surprises that could be discovered while traveling.

Our associations may be the next constraints to freedom. Our friends, relationships, religions, clubs, etc., all have a part in the modifications of our actions to go along with the beliefs of the group, to conform.

There are other constraints that you can identify, but here is the last one that was mentioned yesterday . . . ‘Even being understood is confining.’ What happens if someone convinces another person that he or she is correct? That takes away freedom! It creates a new script which takes on a life of its own to modify behavior, to exclude from further inspection what was shared.

This freedom of finding yourself, does it equate to not wanting to be cared for, comforted or loved? Does it mean to be bold, explorative and to cut everything loose like a wildfire? For once, to discern who you really are when there are NO forces acting on your behalf?

Yes, that just might be correct.

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