Abstractions Within Abstractions

In more pensive times we wonder . . .

Why we are? Why we are like we are? Who we are? And similar questions that apparently have no answers. They are mysteries that have no explanation.

Events happen, circumstances change, life evolve. New questions arise and end up just being piled onto the mound of questions that came before. The answers to which remain just as obscure.

We try to answer those unknowns with the limited mechanism inside our skulls, adding more uncertainty as we go.

Taking a more broad view of the situation we sort of ‘see’ that this whole mysterious playground is nothing but a crazy abstraction of minute, vibrating particles that seems to be beyond human reasoning.

As a final compounding factor, no ‘thing’ is identical to any other thing. We are all unique. Everything is unique.

And yet, some folks claim to know ‘truths’ that apply to everything, everywhere, and at all times.

From where do they get this amazing power of understanding?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Perhaps folks just want to have meaning in this life…especially during challenging times.
    As for folks thinking and espousing they know it all…that their truth is THE TRUTH…from where do they get this amazing power? Like everything else…they make it up or what someone else makes up sounds pretty good so they take it on as theirs. Perhaps it gives them a semblance of control over their seemingly out of control existence.
    Why not just let it BE…allow folks to live their lives in what ever way they find comfort and peace.
    Let it be…let it be…let it be…Kumi❤


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