Where Are You Heading?

It appears, to all comes down to this . . .

Cling to the status quo; embrace what you ‘know’ and filter every last thing through that filter of ‘knowing’. Adjust every thought and every action to comply with what you believe is correct. Hold on to your reins with a feverish grip because . . . that is your ‘horse’ you are leading and it is pulling you and everything you own, and you will make damn sure it goes exactly where you want it to go.

That way, there are no interruptions. You continue to be liked by all of your friends- by conforming your life in a manner consistent with everyone else’s.

How much time do you spend defending or protecting your past ideas? How much time arguing about absolutely valueless subjects just to maintain and continue your views and thought patterns? Is ‘that’ – all there is to life?

Actions have value. Your actions show to others, and to yourself, who you really are, and who you really want to be.

Deep beneath all the mental layers of ‘learning’ you have accrued over the years is a pristine, child-like person with Infinite potential, waiting to be born. But, that new entity will most likely never emerge because its birth requires an upsetting of the status quo – a rethinking of conformity.

A telling question then is . . . To what do you give importance? Maintenance of your current life – or – abandoning the known and allowing the real you to be discovered? The ‘you’ who is unencumbered with all the negatives this world has taught you.

Is now the time for that escape where you turn loose of the reins, give your horse away and shed all of the possessions you feel you can’t do without? Fight on, or give up? Grab the reins tighter, or relinquish control?

If this is indeed the day of surrender, here is what might be in store for you. You’ll be led to venues where your innate talents are cherished. All those daily problems and concerns that you amassed will disappear. You’ll begin to realize that there are now no reins. Quietness has taken their place. Peace and serenity are the new guides.

Emboldenment takes the place of opposition. Superlativeness takes the place of mediocrity. Bliss conquers all turmoil.

If you find yourself, you find everything.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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