Pin-ball Wizard

It’s Monday again, life. What’s in store for me today?

Some of the same dirty laundry from yesterday is still hanging there. Most of the concerns of last week can be remembered. And, of course, there are those juicy ‘break-my-heart’ personals which are always lingering.

Maybe this week is one of those special weeks to exhume a childhood worry or two. And those three pesky always-present thoughts that are just mine – how could I forget them, life?

Thank you, life. There’s the agenda. Funny, I almost had the thought of some actual free time this week! No! Sensing your rudder – that is always there – is enough for me.

Revisiting the same problems, over and over again, that’s what is needed, right life? You’d never steer me wrong. Becoming so intimate with the same issues that we literally live within them, that’s the solution. Isn’t it, life?

And wasn’t it you, life, that showed the possibility of nested problems? How we can remain in one problem and while there address another one? And with no effort at all we can add multiple problem layers.

We can get to a point where problems are our life. They can be all we know. Like an elaborate pin-ball game where we are the ball. We hit one problem which propels us directly into another.

I’ve noticed that above there is always this thick sheet of glass. That’s for our protection, isn’t it life?

Time to go. There’s that smack in the bum from that spring-loaded piston thing. Weeee! Here we go again. Thank you, life!

Maybe this time I’ll rack up enough points for a free game.

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