A sandbox with no sand. A box, for you, under the Christmas tree – empty. A scavenger hunt for answers, but there are no replies. You’re at the end of your trip, but there is no destination.

This emptiness . . . does it fire a slow bullet intended eventually to murder a spirit? Is it about abandonment? Is it about the feeling of leaving a suitcase behind? Is it about increasing uncertainty?

Maybe it is about luck. Maybe the value of nothingness only becomes noticeable when our attitude is in a special place. A perfect day where we feel lucky, where we feel everything is a gift just for us. Where we take on the expectancy of good fortune. A day when our attitude is floating.

On that day you look at that empty bedroom, the empty kitchen chair. You hear the silence – the undisturbed majesty. You sense the uncontaminated surroundings. And with them all, comes a subtle ‘freshness’, an air of possibilities, an uplifting feeling that less – is more.

This time, those examples which seem like ‘lack’ can be filled with the fruits of your passion; gifts to supplement your highest inspirations.

That special venue, that fertile field of potential maturation, has its own rhythm. When your heartbeat syncs with that timing you begin to understand how the ‘nothing’ – is also – everything.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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