Escaping the Movie

The movie theater itself – the big box with all the seats – is our life.

We pay to get in, we pay to stay in.

In there, exactly like watching a movie, we experience whatever it is someone else wants us to experience.

The folks in the picture above are the fortunate ones. They want to experience life on their own – with no other human forces guiding them.

They have started to realize the intent of the game that is played inside the box. It is not for their enjoyment, but their exploitation. They trick you into paying exorbitant prices for things like the smell of butter and the delight of sugar. The movie is nothing more than someone else’s idea that he or she hopes you will spend money to see. ‘Greed’ is what built that box and all those like it.

Whatever room you are now in, that is your theater. In it, or very close by, is a smaller screen, or screens, that perform an identical function.

You’ve become accustomed to the theater venue. They are everywhere, ready to placate, sell, entice and encourage you to pay attention to someone else’s desires.

Turn, and walk out. But all my friends are in there. Turn, and walk out. But I’ll have to think for myself! Turn, and walk out. But I have no knowledge of where to go. Turn, and walk out. But I am scared.

Turn, and walk out. It is one of the last freedoms we have.

Why? Do it for yourself. Rule your mind or it will rule you.

Freedom is why America is here. The process for individual freedom is emancipation. Once you even get touched by the feeling that you are creating your own life, with your own rules and value, you discover a joy that supersedes anything found in any theater.

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Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Lights Camera Action!
    Block Buster!
    Oscar Award Winning!
    Life of your Dreams Now Showing!
    Pop Corn Please!


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