Paris. When it Sizzles.

It’s unknown, tempting . . . scary good! An invitation to new, unexperienced heights. Playfulness, loftiness and freedom.

You in?

Every day we have opportunities to consider other ways of living, ways that bring different priorities and possibilities. Paris – just one example.

Unfortunately, there is a little known concept called ‘eleutherophobia’, the fear of freedom. A common way it manifests itself into peoples’ lives is to encourage them to be busy. That way, if freedom arises, with its friend ‘uncertainty’, there is always an off-ramp – or things you have to do – to escape having to deal with the freedom.

Freedom offers possibilities, change and enlightenment. It knocks over containment fences, erases borders, shines lights on things never noticed before. It makes clear that there are areas which are higher and areas of lesser quality.

Freedom also unmistakably illuminates the switch labeled ‘choice’ which brings with it the dreaded idea of ‘decision’. It is much easier to bow out, select a comfortable off-ramp and head off to the ‘status quo’ once more.

Is today the day you are finally ‘all-in’? Paris waits. Freedom continues to beckon. Good lives get in the way of fantastic lives all the time.

Scared of the sizzle?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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