The Thieves We Tolerate

We have an adopted process that reoccurs often . . .

Something is said or done by another that is not to your liking. Could be the slightest movement in the wrong direction, a word that was used inappropriately, or one of those not-so-subtle intentional attacks which were said or done to us to inflict pain. Our method of handling any of these is the same – hold it in your mind and let it gather energy.

Usually that energy will bring some form of anger, which leads to additional time considering revenge, or self-pity, or anxiety, or any of a number of other negative emotions.

Here’s the thing . . . once you engage in any of these unpleasant outlets, that time spent is gone. That minute or hour which could have been spent; thinking about a vacation, helping a friend, preparing a great meal, being active in your favorite past-time – has done nothing but allow your soul to soak in filth and garbage.

Only one emotion can play at one time. If anger is the current theme playing – love, caring and happiness surely are not.

You are not punished for your anger – but by your anger.

It is your choice as to where you swim. A crystal clear mountain lake, or a sewer?

This thief is crafty. He brings you juicy topics that you believe you have to spend time on, and which you have to fight. And out the window flies – what? – twenty percent of your day?

During that time the thief has taken over your life. Spent your time, for you. Decided your state of mind, for you. Formed your quality of life, for you.

You have to be angry? Start by being angry at your anger!

Putting up with this ‘toleration’ – can destroy you.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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