The Playgrounds of Our Lives

Intersperse your day, today, with wonder.

Long journeys, with a loved-one at the final destination, are fine. But, today, wonder about making your loved-one the start of the trip. Ask exquisite questions of that individual, questions about their most fond memories or highest experiences. Ask what was, and is, truly – most important to them.

Navigate with them as they reminisce back to their fondest times. Be in awe as they rekindle the essence of who they were back then.

Go to Google Earth and let them walk around in the playgrounds where they used to run. What was the owner’s name of that little market? Where did you and John meet? Go there!

Find out what was going on at that time. How did those current events impact their life? What music was popular then? Play it!

Recapture a life. Re-live a life. Ask about secret ambitions, crazy actions, mistakes, hilarious moments. Could a mutual friend be visited?

Have any pictures of dogs, cats or acquaintances that may aid in recall? Give up everything for reminiscence. Share. Give. Re-live. Laugh.

Can someone else film this memory-lane walk? Cater to every whim that special person desires.

Make it their most wonderful day.

And in turn, it will also be yours.

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Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. *What truly is most important to you?
    *What has been the most exquisite moment of your life?
    *What is your most fond memory?
    *Someone who cares wants to know.


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