Nothing Is Easy

Yesterday, a dear friend said to me something like, ‘Nothing in life is easy. To do anything requires hard work’.

Hearing this, my mind went to the Tao . . . Act without expectation. Accomplish without a plan. Don’t try to control the future. Practice ‘not doing’.

Then the question came, ‘Who is correct, here?’

The answer is – we both are. ‘We become what we think about.’ Her resolve is that anything you do is going to require effort. That will then be true for her.

A Tao practitioner will hold on to an opposite thought of ‘not doing’ which will be true for him or her.

A beautiful way to envision this is the understanding of a ‘default position’.

A default position is where we reside, or what is all around us mentally, when the last words of the day have been spoken; our thinking home. Similar to embryonic fluid that bathes us when all is quiet. Each of us decides, for ourselves, what the makeup of that fluid is.

Your default position could be the most soothing, warm and peaceful environment possible, or it could be some cold, irritating, abrasive soapy water.

‘Nothing is easy’ or ‘Everything is easy’ . . .

It’s your call.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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