The Wrong Side of Freedom

Considering these two concepts alone . . . there is essentially no difference between; worship – and – addiction.

If a person does nothing but continually run away from himself or herself, and search for answers in his or her own mind, or rely on unproven, but unfortunately very comfortable life-long beliefs – that person is on the same level as a drunkard.

Almost no one ultimately chooses to be ‘free’ because it comes with a price tag . . . losing what you have and what you know.

Most anyone can muster the courage to climb a mountain, negotiate a life through turmoil, conquer addictions, etc. But the courage to be completely on your own, to stand on your two feet, is something which cannot be given by anybody.

The wrong side of freedom allows a person to turn left or right, but does not address the idea of ‘why’ things are the way they are.

The right side of freedom – complete freedom – is enabled to exist when the mind is still, there is the absence of fear, and there is a new and wondrous sense of love and compassion – with its own intelligence.

Your path can be discovered, but only if you reject all others.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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