What’s Playing?

Within every one of us there is a subject that resonates more profoundly than any other. Each of us has a visceral oneness with one subject that is unique to him or her.

You know what that one topic is for you, you’ve been thinking about it all your life. If ever it pops up in conversation you immediately become immersed in the discussion. Maybe it’s gardening, playfulness, flight, writing, etc.

What’s playing? If a 20-hour movie about your subject was playing you’d watch every minute of it, as soon as it was available.

Instead, we flip on the TV, search through movie titles, listen to the news, make up chores to accomplish – anything – just so we don’t have to make a decision.

Let’s arbitrarily choose ‘playfulness’ for the sake of discussion. Of course, substitute your highest thought for ‘playfulness’. Now, here is a suggestion . . .

Get a sheet of paper and write ‘Playfulness’ at the top. Then, allow your mind to dream unboundedly. With every new place your mind takes you, see how ‘playfulness’ might fit into that realm. Your at a funeral? Can playfulness be a part of that!? How about a traffic jam? Could your application of ‘playfulness’ take the drudgery out of sitting in a car? You’re in a relationship – could something playful be added to make it more joyful?

What’s playing? Make it your ‘love’, your subject of highest interest. Get – that – up on your screen. Watch it as it performs in different settings. When ideas are produced, jot them down and revisit them tomorrow. Embellish them, give them life.

Buy some popcorn.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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