Unsettlingly Good Conversation

Ever had a desire to go really deep in conversation with someone?

Really deep?

Each of you – mentally select your highest and most pure entity or location.

Lose your identities. Forget who you are. Forget who the other person is. Forget why you wanted to even speak with your counterpart.

Bring your highest entity into focus. Talk to that entity, not your friend. Talk – with all the reverence your entity deserves.

Bring nothing to this sacred place of sharing. No problems, no concerns and no points you want to express. Forget who you are.

With the promptings of your entity – speak oracles. Ascend. Speak what you are given to say, not what you want to say.

Then listen – deeply, as your friend hears you words presented in this highest realm, and responds in like manner. Then, repeat, as directed.

Allow the exchange to be moderated only by your entity, Allow its eminence to be the only facilitator.

Wallow – in its perfection.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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