Since the start of the virus and the divisiveness of politics we have all gone through, and continue to go through, many have self-declared this present time as one for change; inspection, introspection, fairness, openness and love.

‘Come, join in, we’re creating a new fantasyland, beyond the drudgery of what we have just experienced.’

Trouble is, that fantasyland must be envisioned – and sold. Walt Disney had a bear of a time convincing others to invest in his lands, even when he knew exactly what they were and the joy they would bring to others.

To really learn something new a person must take the plunge, submit and submerge – go ‘all-in’. That is so much different than just wading around a subject, waiting to bring old, contradictions and disputes to a new idea.

It is difficult to achieve someone’s full attention even between friends and much harder with all others. Just finding individuals that will postpone contradiction of anything new is nearly impossible.

Too bad Walt is gone. His methodology is what is needed again today, only this time on a world-wide scale.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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