The Essence of Your Passage

The essence of your passage . . . has it been established?

No matter the risk, the hunger, the inclemency of the weather or the discomfort of any forces against you . . . are you certain to remain secure, at peace, assured?

Are your travels merely for the purpose of you enjoying new sights, or are they to assist you in finding different, unique connections to the Infinite?

The essence of your passage . . . to what quality has it risen? Are you just as comfortable dancing with a prince or princess, as you are dancing alone?

Has the Infinite created a perpetual peace which accompanies you everywhere, softening and enlightening everything you experience?

Can you, at any time, call on It to imbue any situation, enabling you to always feel the protection of Home?

You are immersed in your own shade of the Infinite. Everything that happens is for your good, your enjoyment, your edification. Give thanks for everything. Those events which seem negative at the time are also responsible for ultimate perfection.

May those songs, experiences and people that bring you the most joy, become more attached and more important. May they bring tears of happiness to you, often.

Come a little bit closer to this essence – your essence. Celebrate its existence. Celebrate its contents. Celebrate its value. Celebrate the idea that this utopia is yours . . . it is yours to cherish, to live in, to dream in, to revel in. You never have to leave. All negotiations can be made – from there.

Allow breathing, movement and happenings – to be – effortless.

How long will all this continue?

Just long enough.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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