Does God Wear a Veil?

Around three thousand children die throughout the world every day from disease and hunger. Would that make the Author of that world wear a veil? Should the author of that world wear a veil?

Veils come in all forms; clothes, make-up, lies, deceit, blame and hiding. Even deeper and more sinister are the self-created, reality changing fabrications that we persuade ourselves to believe. Lies – that become reality – who would have guessed?

More and more veils are required as time goes on. Your life becomes ‘not-your-life’. These veils make the wearer more obscure, but they also distort what the wearer sees when looking through them. It varies what is determined to be ‘truth’.

A few words in a blog or book or You-tube will never cause veils to be penetrated, pierced or eliminated. The veils of illusion become who we are. We won’t leave home without them.

Disguises on top of disguises. Modifications upon modifications. Is the ‘real’ self still within us?

Maybe god’s answer is best – just go into hiding.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Perhaps We are the only Author there has ever been…it’s time to remove the evil…take responsibility and stop pretending the Author is somewhere/someone else.


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