Just poured. Content. The water sensed that today was special, even though that nagging attribute of always flowing to the lowest level, was still there.

Ensconced in the clear glass form around him, Walter ventured out into the neighborhood to get a deeper understanding of his surroundings.

No one appreciated or even noticed him. They all had plenty of what he was made of in a bottle or it flowed right out of a tap.

In total silence, Walter received a nudge to go east. Now, mid-day in the center of a desert, he began to comprehend more fully – dryness and heat. There came a feeling that he would fit in here, that he would be appreciated.

Walter ambled around slowly. The strength of the sun just didn’t quit. Hundreds of square miles of sand, baking under its overwhelming power. ‘I’m but a couple ounces of liquid, what could I possibly do here that would be of any value?’ he thought.

Then, there, under the partial shade of a small cactus, a man lay dying. Walter proceeded closer and positioned himself right in front of the man’s eyes.

The rays of the sun sparkled and reflected through Walter and a few flitted over the man’s eyelids. Through one small slit, the man caught a distorted view of Walter. With super-human effort, the man was able to bring the glass to his lips and that enabled Walter to flow into his mouth and down his throat.

Walter questioned nothing but just gave thanks that he could do his part. He loved the sensation of flowing down, of giving, of restoring life.

The man arose and took the glass with him, back to safety. Walter – just did – what he was designed to do. Both experienced perfect synergy.

In a few minutes, Walter was also uplifted, as tiny atoms of sweat escaping from unexpected life.

Walter had listened, followed and allowed without question or judgment. That nagging quality of flowing downhill – he now understood and appreciated.

As always, those are the key ingredients to freedom.

Walter floated upwards, smiling, casting the image of a smile on the burning sand below.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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