Quite Contrary, Your Garden Grows

On some days, days perhaps necessarily better than others, we stroll through our garden and actually admire what is growing.

Trees of love, orchids of relationships, petals of happiness. But too often we are asked to leave that grandeur.

Elsewhere, dishonesty, distrust, pain, unhappiness, disappointment and anger begin their incantations. Their presence seems to always dominate, changing our demeanor toward the negative and consequentially lowering the quality of everything.

Pain, negativity, disharmony – they all have a clinging capacity like Velcro. Unshakable. And rather than addressing them head-on and just ripping them off, much too often we permit their attendance and fall prey to their devastating ways.

Change the rules of your garden. Allow the negative to grow, but only in your garden along side of the vegetation of beauty and purity.

Contrast that weed of hate with that red rose of love. Put some crabgrass of pain up against some lilacs of joy, or some thistles of anguish with ornate hibiscuses of bliss.

Then make your choices. Let that crabgrass take over? Put up with those thistle needles? Continue negotiations with hate?

Positive or negative? Toleration or emancipation? Is it time to weed your garden?

And – it would be easy to quit here. A nice little sermonette about selecting the pure and trashing everything else. But what about the negatives? What about the weeds . . .

Who decided they are; the ugly ones, the misfits, the underachievers?Have you considered that with that determination of inferiority, poisons have been developed to eradicate just them? Kind of rings a solemn bell, doesn’t it?

Keep everything else – but get rid of the dandelion.

What a difference when a question mark is appended . . .

Keep everything else – but get rid of the dandelion?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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