The First Sunday of the Year

A point of reflection. 2020 is gone, the unknown 2021 straight ahead.

Is it time to take down that rear-view mirror and opt for an ‘Eye-of-the-Storm’ happiness that will carry us through any difficulties that have yet to appear?

Is this . . . A time for acceptance of who you are and who we are? A time for acknowledgment of where we are – and a discontinuance of trying to be somewhere else?

Sunday . . . a lingering pseudo-holiday, a football game on TV and a possible time for a deep breath and a refocus of the new year ahead.

Maybe today . . . board up the entrances to all the well-worn paths you have taken everyday, discontinue following all those known routes and explore what else is out there awaiting you.

Nothing can rescue failed content.

It’s the first Sunday of the year. Let’s all make an effort to experiment and find a path that captures a piece of that ‘Eye-of-the-Storm’ happiness.

You may never know which individuals in your life need that elevation, and that you may be the only one who is capable of delivering it to them.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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