Remembering the Wrong Things

We all know the subject that brings us the most negative energy when it passes through our mind, whether it be a habit, memory or ailment.

With its appearance comes a replay of the stored examples which show all the problems it brought to our life and the concerns of future negativism.

When this subject comes to visit, we give it time and energy. We focus on its potential, its cause of turmoil, the people involved, how to eradicate it – and on and on.

What if . . . you lost that problem? What if – instead of investing more time into problems, you focused on something positive?

Whatever you allow your thoughts to think about, that is what you become.

Don’t think about smoking – think about clean air. Don’t ponder disease – invite thoughts about perfect health. Don’t fret over bad habits, ponder their opposites.

Plant new, positive, ideas. Become interested in THEM – not problems.

Latch on to some uncommon seeds. Ones that you would absolutely love to see take root and grow in your garden.

Let the ‘wrong’ – the ‘negative’ – drift away. Do not revisit them.

This garden that is coming, needs your time and attention.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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