Mental Residency

We all have a physical address that we claim as ‘home’. It’s where our thoughts live also. Everything there is memorabilia of past events attesting to who we are.

But let’s consider the idea of a ‘mental’ address. For almost all of us the two addresses are the same. From when you pull into the driveway that space is yours, and you and your mind carry on the day to day affairs within its confines without a second thought.

Your mind is a formidable force. It can easily take over the roll as your ‘family,’ substituting memories for things that no longer are with you. It is easy to bond with that ‘family’ as that relationship may bring you a sense of security and peace.

You talk to others about your little prison, but never share anything other than experiences about you or your mind, which conveniently resides with you inside your four walls.

There may be walks taken outside with a pet on a leash, for a short-lived breath of fresh air, as your mental acumen obediently follows along at your side.

Your pet doesn’t go out the door without a leash because you don’t want to experience surprises that he or she might encounter without a leash.

But here’s the thing . . . we can carry the idea of having no surprises too far – way too far. Sure, with pets it is fine, but not for the mind! To attach a self-inflicted imaginary leash to your mind is a travesty. A ship is safe anchored in a harbor, but ships aren’t designed to be only docked somewhere. They are meant to sail, just as humans are.

Is it time to erase the address of your mind – to assign it to no dock, no specific address and no proximity to yourself – but to let it soar, unencumbered?

Who lives with you? With whom do you communicate? What ideas, what knowns are part of the current ‘family’ of your mind?What is their relationship to you?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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