Inside your eyelids . . . there’s a matrix, a venue, an unknown vista. Its visuals credited by what they lack. You bait your hook with silence. You try adjusting, pondering and making sense of this empty realm.

There are no hints, nothing recognizable and nothing unrecognizable either. No signs, no mile markers, nothing for comparison.

Can it be a ‘destination’ – with no start, no finish and no basis to it?

And yet, it possesses some Magical draw. There’s a calling, but never a sound. There’s a wonder about allegiance, but never a rule to follow. There’s no wall to get over or under, but it is totally inaccessible no matter how much effort is used to gain entry.

Entry comes from respect and the complete removal of a person’s desires and abilities to attain entry. It is a gift. There are no lighthouses for guidance, no street lights or porch lights and no GPS will take you to it. Nothing gives notice when you are close, or even when you have arrived.

Serenity rules.

‘Benefit’ – if that is the proper word – of it goes unnoticed for the most part. The maximum impact being nothing more than a hint of some peaceful joy. But just a tincture of its joy can fill the Grand Canyon.

To ‘discover’ – it seems natural to explore. Search, dig, read maps, illuminate. With the Infinite, things are diametrically different. Its wonderment is already here.

Our job, is to do nothing. Forget everything else and . . .

just ‘allow’ it into your life.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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