The Best Gifts

Some under-the-tree gifts are good. Those that shine a revealing light on a subject that identifies a facet that could be made better, like a new, more technological pen, that would assist a calligrapher.

But, gifts that are perfect – can’t be given.

Perfect gifts are subtle, they bring pause and reflection. Their light illumines not just a facet of life, but life’s whole essence. Perfect gifts bring decisions about how we, as individuals, view things.

A perfect gift may lead to the decision that your life is really your own and that you, alone, are responsible for every facet of it.

And what might be an example of a perfect gift . . . ?

Hearing perfect words at the precisely the right moment. Ruin. Addiction. A broken heart. Vulnerability. Time. Isolation. Misery. Poor health. Insomnia.

A couple of those are seemingly ugly words, for sure. But for some, are the only paths to freedom. If any even come close to making freedom and happiness possible, they have done their job.

They are not necessarily ‘ugly’ words. It’s how we view those words that matters.

There is an expression; ‘So happy you jump up and down.’

May that feeling be in the hearts of everyone this Holiday Season.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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