Individual Saviors

Many of us have experienced problems or difficulties in our life that have led to resentment, hate, anxiety or addictions. And fortunate we are if they are in the past; conquered, overcome and are now just memories.

If we had a problem, let’s say an addiction, and we overcame it, something delivered us from it. We were dying and some thing rescued us. This thing that saved you, was not for everyone, not a group of people – just you.

It was an ‘individual savior’. Previously, we engaged in well-intentioned, but futile, sacrifices to free ourselves. Then, one day, in one magic moment, a wall of our prison just fell apart, revealing that we were free of that concern.

Along with this individual savior comes a beautiful feeling of completion, a ‘knowing’ that one of our troubles has been vanquished, conquered forever.

In ourselves and others, this ‘feeling’ brings about many wholesome and pure responses and character changes. If someone overcame fear, perhaps ‘over-abundant joy’ took its place. If it was smoking, care for the environment, or health, may have been its replacement.

Understanding these incredible advances in personalities can be a huge help to us in understanding the actions of friends and others close to us.

Incidentally, this concept of individual emancipation can be applied on a bigger scale. When we get to the point where we realize OUR well-intended efforts are futile and we turn EVERYTHING over for a higher answer, our prison is effected in the same manner, except, then, ALL the walls crumble.

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  1. Thank You…the ‘personal savior’ is Infinite…perfected individually…ready to lift one out of the quagmire of the human condition.


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