Surprising Messages

We arise, and something has arrived; a package, message, mail, missed phone call, pet mishap, ache, pain, bliss.

Our days are punctuated with almost inaudible, but unmistakable, sounds notifying us there is something that needs our attention.

Dutifully they are addressed and that is life for most of us.

There is a door here, open for exploration.

A few of the messages we receive are noteworthy because of their positive effect. Their arrival are so beautifully impactive. They can uplift entire afternoons or days.

Most messages we receive come as a surprise but that in no way limits our ability to fabricate life-changing messages for ourselves.

Relax sometime, and ponder answers or surprises for yourself of the highest magnitude. Amaze yourself with ideas and possibilities created and attuned to your highest and best life.

Impose no boundaries on what may show up. Mentally step aside and let the Infinite fill in the vacancies.

If you have ever desired a boundless hobby . . .

Try waking up to an Infinite message.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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