Unguarded Streams

The choices we used to have are limited. We’re physically quarantined by our own election. More than ever we are subject to our thoughts and the inner dialogue that goes along with them.

That dialogue is not trivial – those are our words and our thoughts. If there is judgment, dislike, hatred or ridicule incorporated – even if it is aimed at ourselves – those words will contaminate the very fabric of our being.

Rather than just putting up with this continual stream of rhetoric, realize that it can be modified at any time. Rather than just eavesdropping on the negative banter, interrupt it! Stop those horrible accusations and reminders of unfortunate occurrences in your life. Begin using the Light that is in you.

This editing process is so powerful and can be accomplished in the most easy way. As soon as you even sense something negative is forthcoming in your mind – take over! Finish the sentence with love and positivity. Finish it with perfection – your perfection.

When you do, you are creating. No matter what the words and corresponding feelings are, if they are not ideal for you, insert other words and ideals that are! Go BIG. Go Perfect.

Express to yourself whatever is needed for you to feel Bliss. Monitor what this stream of consciousness is bringing to you. Unfortunate it is that the quality of what flows in the stream can be so repulsive. Be responsible for keeping the garbage out.

This is your stream! If needed, put filters on it. You are responsible for what is allowed to flow. Step up, take the reins, tell it what is permitted and what isn’t. This stream is you.

If you purify what is allowed to flow . . .

wait until you sees what is allowed to grow.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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