We live in a world where there are particles that blink in and out of existence. We hear from the brightest of us that; ‘we don’t know one-tenth of one percent about anything’. And yet, we convince ourselves that we have ‘something special’ that allows our beliefs to be more credible than others.

Is there some benefit in taking our experiences and drawing a conclusion from them, a belief? Do we realize that if we truly don’t know one-tenth of one percent about anything, reaching a conclusion is not the best idea?

Life is so wonderful if all possibilities are left open to search through. Beliefs exclude exploration. If you know’ there is no gold at the bottom of the sea at some point, you will never search there.

What is it about taking a stance, a position? Are we bettered in some way? Do we feel like we belong somewhere? When we take a position – on anything – it is over. We know not one-tenth of one percent, but somehow crystal clarity is given to people on their favorite issue.

Taking a position is surrender. It is a complete disassociation from logic. It is throwing every last egg in one basket and definitively telling yourself that from that point on you will attest to this belief with no consideration of any other possibilities. It boils down to confidence – without clarity.

I love the words, ‘I know nothing’ and/or ‘I don’t know’. With no dogmatic beliefs you need no ammunition with which to back up any of your ideas and there are no impositions whatsoever on the openness to all possibilities.

Best of all, it brings freedom to discuss anything with anybody. The mandate to be right or wrong is unplugged. Knock, ask, seek – anywhere!

Exploration is so wonderful . . .

Why restrict its freedom?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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