The Adoption of Orders

We all remember from where the power emanated when we were kids, and we cleaned our rooms.

A few years later another power figure was given reign.

The authority figures came under our scrutiny somewhere in our teens, especially as the government began to become more overt. Life continued and we found ourselves in college, the service or working somewhere, but now we had a partial vote about who we would allow to have power over us.

In many cases there were revolts and uprisings showing the disgust and hate of this ruling ‘power’. But somewhere down our path, we had kids of our own and the decisions fell on us for proper discipline and getting a son or daughter’s room clean.

And then, some of that power was bestowed on us.

Did we even consider the power to which we were subjected in our early years? Or, have we ever considered the best way this power could be meted out – in any situation?

Almost all of us still hang on to all of our past ‘learning’ as if it is a given, as if it is the only way. We are now in the teacher’s chair and as if it is our duty, we tell others – continually- what is correct, based on what we were given earlier in life. Perhaps this arrangement continues because people think they are limited to speak about only what they ‘know’ – or what they have experienced.

No one knows what will help another person in the best way. Is it not possible to just try side-stepping our ‘knowns’ for once and suggesting to others that they take the time to get in touch with their own answers? To open themselves up to the presence of perfection and dismiss all the worthless repetition of past events.

We were forced to accept this concept of teacher/learner. We don’t have to hang on to it. We don’t have to be ‘right’ and someone else doesn’t have to be ‘wrong’.

This new, possible rationalization, never comes from human reasoning, it comes from freedom. Freedom from bias, freedom from discrimination, freedom from what we think we know.

It is truly about adoption of orders . . . (didn’t we despise them at one time)?

or – the consideration of the majestic order of ‘non-adoption’.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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