Your Government

Perhaps coincidentally, our minds are set up very much like the above diagram. To govern ourselves we make our own laws which we interpret and carry out.

Perhaps coincidentally, it would be a worthy effort to divorce ourselves from these directives for a period and try living life according to laws given to us – individually.

Consider the ‘law book’ you have for your life . . . In it, there is a way of doing everything imaginable.

How much you; eat, drink, talk, walk, think, exercise, sleep, work, dream, etc., and etc. They are all covered, along with many more, and we follow them as if they are incontrovertible truths.

What if we totally divorced ourselves from this governing system? Got an irreconcilable divorce and then stepped right up, turned right around, and married ‘freedom’!

Be silent for a moment. Take off your badge and allow that concept of ‘no laws’ to emerge. Sit down right in the middle of that venue. Stay there until you can feel the change. ‘No . . . laws’.

Less than one percent will find resonance with this. Maybe it’s not for you, or the timing is not perfect yet.

Maybe coincidentally, this is exactly what you needed to read this morning.

You know you have received the invitation when your heart is ready to risk everything to experience the Infinite.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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