The Little Engine That Could

Remember, as a kid, the concept we had of ourselves? Sure, there were family and friends, but deep down we were unique entities mustering our own engine through our surroundings.

But, along the way as life played out, we accepted responsibilities and duties. And then, more responsibilities and duties – never electing to even consider severing our bond with the old, out-dated ones. So, we find ourselves resembling this train . . .

Each car remains in queue because of some past happening, like the memory of a great meal eaten long ago. The train has become so long the caboose can’t even be seen anymore. Most cars have been ignored almost since their inception and their integrity as a train car has expired. They are just four wheels with a cab on top that we choose to keep pulling behind us.

A word, common to all engineers, is ‘uncoupling’. Too many cars cause a burden on an engine, limiting its power and scope. Just by disconnecting from unproductive components an engine experiences new vitality and power. It has less safety concerns and makes each mile less arduous.

That ‘little engine that could’ is still in tact . . . and is now equipped with new information and wisdom.

It wants to experience the freedom that comes from uncoupling.

With less load to pull it can now travel to unlimited vistas.

‘All Aboard’?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. How fortunate are those who have such freedom …wondering …how much did it take in life experience, the good and the bad before such freedom was realized?


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