Invisible Signs

In all levels of schooling there should be courses about walking in the woods. Not ‘through’ the woods, mind you – but about how to walk in the woods.

Nowhere is there an instruction manual that says that when you get to a stream you should stop and lie down next to it and listen.

Similarly, there are no guidelines to be found concerning when to exit the path and traverse over unexplored terrain.

You have never heard a word about being attentive to sounds, subtle movements, or little shiny things that you may see on the trail. Someone should tell others that any one of those myriad attractions can change a life. Lying on a blanket of leaves listening to how the wind responds as it must make its way through pine needles and branches can be majestic if we’re open to that.

The woods is merely a catalyst, an enabler. It never grabs your arm and says ‘Look at this, here’s your answer.’ It just centralizes possibilities to potentially hasten discovery,

And, while empirical discovery is wonderful, just closing your eyes can bring like venues. A tad more vicarious, but just as potent.Add sounds of nature through headphones and you’re all set.

You may desire a better path for yourself in some area of life. That little trinket on the trail may be the start of your enlightenment. There is no telling what that insignificant item will bring to your mind. It may just cause your next step to be a little more to one side, just enough so you notice a second indicator a few steps later. A path found!

You are here for a reason. You are in your chair on Sunday morning, the 29th of November, 2020, for a reason. Be flexible and open and allow what is in store for you to show itself.

Give thanks for everything. Hold yourself in the deepest reverence and love – then let everything go. Forget about the communication that requires words. Allow responses that are like subtle wisps of feelings. Perfect. Life-changing.

The Invisible Signs.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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