Pure Water

Since yesterday’s blog I talked with a friend who recommended sharing an example of progressive purity, which seems like a stellar idea.

I will choose ‘water’ because of the many not so attractive attributes about it.

Many years ago came the push for water conditioners which promised cleaner clothes but which said little about removing impurities and making drinking water more safe. There followed in the mail information about actual reports about the ‘levels of contaminants’ from each city. You have to believe them!

That ushered in the never ending task of going somewhere to fill those 5-gallon jugs. Then one day in Lowe’s there was a sale on ‘reverse osmosis’ water purifiers.

Once every year or so you just replace the filters and you’re good to go. I remember reading that the body is about 70% water and being able to drink ‘perfection’ was extremely satisfying.

In this blog the ‘Infinite’ is mentioned often as source of Perfection. The acquisition of this filter system is a great example of how anyone can eliminate substandard things from their lives. The removal of contaminants, of any kind, makes a profound statement to your psyche.

More recently came the knowledge that plastic water bottles leave particles in the liquid they are holding. So, if you go to Amazon, they have gallon containers made of some type of resin that supposedly impart no particles of any kind. That was an easy sale!

This is but one example of progressive purity. You can apply a similar process to; what goes into your body and what doesn’t, what words come out of your mouth, what you permit into your mind, levels of anxiety, the concept of ‘truth’, health, and on and on. Just arming yourself with the question, ‘How can this be more perfect?’ and then applying it to all aspects of your life, can enable changes of the highest magnitude.

I’ll drink to that. Water . . . of course.

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Liaison to the Infinite.

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