Highest Respect

There is a facet of life which is difficult to understand. Common sense would suggest that each person would want to live a life of happiness and good health rather than one of anger and suffering. And yet, even when there are no obstacles to the contrary, folks will make the worst selections about what will be part of their lives.

‘Must Be This Tall!’ Amusement operators mandate a certain height for safety. Can’t we do something similar when we select what becomes part of our lives? Create a threshold, and if we start to make a selection that isn’t good enough, it is permanently excluded.

Granted, it’s hard to measure anger, drug usage or the detriments of fast food, etc. But here’s the thing . . .

The height of this bar can be set at any elevation and if we push it to its upper limit, amazing things can happen.

Decisions will begin being made for ourselves which promote health and happiness. Also, those things that are questionable to start with will never gain entrance!

The entire process can become game-like. If something is noticed that is more perfect than what you are holding on to, you can get rid of that old mediocre thing and replace it with perfection. This can happen over and over again in all aspects of a life.

Talk perfection to yourself. Claim perfection for yourself. Don’t get caught saying something like ‘I think I am getting a cold.’ Say only positive statements. Tell your body that it is and will always be above that threshold. Replace utterances like, ‘My sciatica is acting up’ with something like, ‘For some reason I am feeling a little discomfort but I will be perfect in the morning.’

You are the curator of yourself. Do a perfect job. Supervise, direct, exclude – for you! You have something negative? You sense something negative? Question how and why you even have this thought. Latch on to the idea that you are in control and that that negative will never bother you again. How? Think of it as a muddy puddle. Wait until it clears and then the answer will appear.

As you continue, your wings may reappear. The weight of your burdens will diminish. Then, there is only one way to go – and that is up.

A point of clarification . . . the above suggests that ‘you’ have to do things like supervising and directing, etc. In actuality, ‘you’ have no role in this at all other than to allow it to happen. No person has Infinite answers – we can only be open to receive them. It is truly an inexplicable dichotomy . . .

you do absolutely nothing and get everything in return.

Perhaps that is why ‘Highest Respect’ is warranted.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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