Profoundly Majestic

Life has equipped us with the capacity to bring to mind anything we wish.

We can opt for the serene . . .
the heights
the pure.
the quaint
or just the outrageously beautiful.

These, and many more like them if they are brought to mind, can be a foundation of who we are. If we dwell on the qualities these photos portray, we begin acquire those same thoughts.

We can allow these profundities to be the master of our lives. We can adopt them and make them our own – forever.

But, for some, they must believe that other dispositions are needed. Surely there have to be bad times, times of hurt, times of pain. So, without a thought, opposite qualities are permitted to rule their life.

Anger, rage or vindictiveness can be just as prevalent, just as impactive as anything from the higher orders. Flip through the photos and notice how startlingly out of place the last one is.

And yet, some select the last one often – as to how they want to feel. The trouble is, the more often this attitude is chosen, the more likely it will be chosen again as the person has given up being the master. Choosing negativity makes anger the boss and brings to the surface a substandard version of a person. One that can easily fall victim to committing unintended actions and receiving unfortunate consequences.

The problem can be resolved quite easily . . . let that negativity die from malnourishment. Decide there is no place for it in your life. Never stoop down to someone else’s level if they have chosen negativity. Excuse yourself. Get away. Don’t argue. Attain a resolve where it is impossible for you to argue or harbor unpleasantries.

Be above it all. Be kind to yourself, choose the best for your life. Pick only those things that elevate, never ones that cause grief.

Remember . . . the Profoundly Majestic can be chosen just as easily as any other resource.

Choose the Majestic. Every atom of your existence will thank you.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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