The Most Poignant Winning

You’re on the court, the field, the alley, the floor, the table – wherever it is that your favorite sport is played. You just scored the winning point. You are momentarily ecstatic with joy.

Or, you are starting to hate the game. You play to keep up with a brother who excels at the sport. It has evolved to the point where you would rather lose than win.

Happiness comes from listening for a game plan. Not some coach-given suggestion, but your personal game plan. When you feel your inner self being stirred in the highest and most subtle way, that is your path to follow.

When that happens, happiness fades from the equation as it becomes a known. Happiness will always be there in abundance because you listened and grasped a piece of the puzzle for your life.

Your decision may not be understood fully as your course is ‘given’ to you – if you surrender to it. Surrender permits the Infinite. When you feel yourself wallowing in an unknown peaceful joy, you are on the correct path.

If you eliminate those ‘certainties’ that you have ‘learned’ that you need for your happiness, your path of perfection will become less obscured.

In sports, or anything that you do, you can convince yourself of whether or not something is pleasing to you. You can rely on past thoughts or experiences. All of your efforts for the sublime do nothing but block perfection from ever appearing.

If you have a desire for the highest – it’s time for you to get out of the way and allow it entrance.

Let the Infinite score the winning goal.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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