Aquatic Answers

Did you ever consider evolution from the perspective of the fish?

Perhaps the fish just had a particularly bad day and wanted to try something new – a strange movement of some kind. After trying many jerks and twitches , something resembling a ‘step’ occurred.

No ‘thing’ had ever heard of something called a ‘step’ before.

A fish, comes up against a barrier of land and instead of swimming off in the opposite direction, ponders a revelatory approach. Abandoning all reasons why he can’t conquer the land and allowing himself to be completely open, he tries something.

Without getting approval from the head fish or consulting a buddy for advice, he went ahead and tried something! With no idea of what was right or wrong and with no idea of what he wanted to have happen – he did something. He took a first ‘step’.

What do you think? Has that time for evolution arisen again? Are we all up against a new, even more formidable barrier with no escape? If we are to find an answer on how to ascend above our demise, that answer will come to someone as if by accident, because he or she was completely open to supernal revelations.

Maybe a button will be pushed that doesn’t exist yet. Higher communication will become possible because we will conceive of people talking at the highest level without the burdens of biases and selfishness. Or, maybe we’ll communicate without words.

My guess is that what we are missing is simple, and right in front of our eyes – obscured and unnoticed because of all the false lies and limitations which were imposed on us as we grew up.

We all live in the Infinite, but experience such an infinitesimal part of it. We accept – and implement – boundaries and limitations from many sources, all without a clue of the extent of the Infinite.

What did the fish say when he ran into a concrete wall? ‘Dam’.

All those cherished beliefs you have stored away in your mind, all those well-worn phrases and ‘truths’ that you use to negotiate life are nothing but learned actions which you have allowed to become you. Most, with absolutely no relevance to Infinite.

Tired of running into that same concrete wall? There is a huge unknown out there, begging for your interest. A new, uncharted, wonderland of seeming magic.

No limitations?


Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Unconscious evolution vs conscious evolution. Perhaps intentional evolution is when we take the leap into the unknown with our eyes and ears open wide!
    Well…DAMN for sure!


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