Why is ‘That’ Button Pushed?

Soon, we’ll all have the opportunity to exercise our choice; A or B? Right before your selection you will consult your memory as to which choice represents ‘your’ decision.

Millions upon millions of votes will be cast and wouldn’t it be interesting to know, for each vote, what was the determining factor for that vote?

Most likely, a huge portion will rely solely on the status quo – ‘I’m a blank, so I will vote blank.’ Next would be a vote for a person’s peers. Sally, John and David favor ‘x’ so I will too.

It really boils down to allegiance. If you belong to any group, you listen to the arguments from that group. You identify with their feelings. And, because you want to fit in, their feelings become your feelings.

Are the feelings of the group the ‘truth’? They may be, but they also may be just the opposite. It is up to individuals to dig in and find that ‘truth’ and the methodology of doing it. As an example, considering priorities and choosing the most important one would be a huge step forward. Then, the exploratory time could be channeled into the most valuable subject.

Voting is about individuals, not groups. It is about discerning your ideas about what is best, not what the combination of you and your neighbor think is best.

There will be millions who get back from voting and obligingly receive some ‘stamp of approval’ from a spouse, a group, a friend, a neighbor as a job well done.

As in everything, this is your life – and, your vote.

How’s your memory today?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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