Please consider . . . all your possessions.

They are all identified by – a name; car, house, boat, belief, etc. Perhaps there is the inclination to include a person or two.

People and things that we believe in, vote for and place higher than other things – are our possessions. There is a powerful urge to protect these possessions. They become part of us and we become part of them. When possessions increase – freedom decreases.

Today, there are people hunkered down in their trenches hoping and praying for their possessions and beliefs to win, to be proven more worthy. And right across the street, basically the same people – friends, neighbors, family – are in their trenches hoping and praying for the exact opposite to happen, all so that they can be part of – belong to – some preferred ideal.

There is an ideal called ‘Freedom’, aloof from ownership, removed from things having a name, absent from possession. Rumi said it this way . . .

“You have forgotten the One
who doesn’t care about ownership,
who doesn’t try to turn a profit
from every human exchange.”

It is a higher strain, one without trenches and belonging, one that cares for Infinite perfection for everyone, not a war between opposing sides. It is a strain with no words.

For a few of us, maybe it’s time to vote for – Freedom.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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