Personal Handrail

Is there not a handrail of sorts to which we all cling? Else we fall over backwards into the unknown. It’s there, isn’t it? Often, a hefty wooden banister, but sometimes – just a thread.

You’re a jazz musician and while the other guys in the group continue with the chords of a given arrangement, your saxophone solo takes on a life of its own as you reduce down to a one-finger grip on the railing. Or you’re a minister, and with soft ambient music playing, you begin an eclectic meditation for a group, while resting on the handrail, but forgetting it is even there.

Artists become geniuses, teachers become geniuses. It is not a heightened IQ, but a gift. An evacuation for an emancipation. It is going to a unique spot, a spot in the unknown, dumping all your past overboard, allowing Infinite gifts to be born – and experiencing feelings beyond the earthly realm.

The saxophonist chose to take his solo. He knew that decision would place him in a vulnerable position, but he also realized the rewards may be so worth the inconvenience.

That slightly awkward place is the unknown. We find ourselves in situations where the outcome is uncertain – but we go there anyway. In like manner, we can get caught in the rain and experience nothing but wetness. Or, we can let the cooling droplets and wind and lightning transport us to new vistas we could never duplicate anywhere else. Those times of ‘letting go’ are where Magic can happen. Experiences so wonderful that we have to return to them.

The handrail brings safety and a sense of ‘knowing’. It is fond of repetition and consistency. It thrives on a person’s desire to follow the same, identical path, day after day.

Conversely, is a concept called Enlightenment. Here, though, you are asked to take a solo . . .

but the solo never ends.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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