A Little Stroll Upwards

Upon waking this morning, take a little imaginary walk, even from your favorite chair is fine.

Finish your coffee, feed the animals, go to the bathroom, return, add instrumental ambient music if you wish.

Now, cozy into that chair. Forget everything. Anything that enters your mind that has words associated with it – in any way – just let them flow right out again.

In like manner, have no words to share. Be blank. Allow whatever it is to happen. Sense your level of elation using no words – only feelings. Let go. Float away.

If a feeling comes and you feel higher, accept it, cherish it, don’t let it go. Use that new feeling as the base. You can always go higher never lower than that base feeling.

With your mind at idle, do nothing but accept what is given to you. Use no words for anything. Be completely open. Expose every area of your mind and being to the Infinite.

The more open you are – the more you are able to receive.

This sacrosanct time will come to an end, but the heights and the Perfection don’t have to be forgotten. Keep that feeling of elation when you walk out the door this morning. Cherish it. Protect it.

Get really good at this entire process. Learn to drift, with no destination. Acknowledge the idea of going higher and higher. Once a higher level has been experienced, accept nothing less. Become more and more aware of not letting things into your life that will destroy this elevation.

It is a mansion of Magic, mystery and Perfection. A mansion in which you can live.

It is the Infinite View.

It can make lives – Masterpieces.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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