Infinite View ®

Sure, when looking at a gorgeous vista, it’s easy to lose yourself in the grandeur and feel the ‘lift of the gift’ of nearby majesty.

More than likely though, you are involved in day to day affairs bringing the mundane feelings of normalcy, or worse. Have you ever wondered if that ‘lift’ brought on by elevated surroundings could last, perhaps even permanently?

The bliss you experience comes from the momentary disappearance of things that are negative in your life, things that are deemed unpleasant and that bring about uncomfortable feelings.

When you view the Grand Canyon, thoughts of changing kitty litter do not follow. When we are in ‘awe’ we acquire commensurate elation in our well-being.

In like manner, if we could eliminate all the concerns in life that bring us down, it then would be possible to experience the Infinite View.

The Infinite View is made possible and brought on by ‘absence’. As a complete opposite example, think of entering a conference room for a meeting. You are equipped with ideas, notes, drawings, power point messages, easels, computer screens, etc. Now ponder no room, no subject matter, no planning, nothing that you have to do. The latter is what is needed!

It cares nothing about what you bring or what you consider important. So much so that if you do show up with your predetermined beliefs, it will respectfully decline to attend.

The essence of this Infinite View is that a person have freedom – as a state of mind. An open, receptive – apathy – to all worldly things. A feeling of unknowing, a delight in receptivity, a desire for understanding that is uncontaminated by any past thoughts the individual may have believed.

This is a radical life change. It is burying all the things you ‘know’ – so that both sides of any dichotomy can be seen just as clearly. It is the absence of biases which also so beautifully eliminate judgments.

When this Infinite View is accepted, there is no right and wrong, no win and lose, white and black, good and bad. At this juncture, even the concept of negativity has no place to live so it dies, leaving nothing but awe, Bliss, harmony, openness – and the most perfect rendition of Love. Everything is Perfect.

No matter your status, condition or position, the Infinite View is right there with you.

Get rid of everything and you will realize its presence.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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