Freedom, the Unlimited Kind

Today, more than ever, ‘freedom’ gets put in a box, a box which can take on many names.

There is freedom from; all types of oppression, many medical disorders, innumerable mandates, etc.

Rarely, do we consider freedom as a ‘state of mind’.

Imagine watching something political and being able to accept and understand ALL the concepts each person is making. Or, while talking to a friend, is it possible to get their meaning from each word – without having to judge them?

As an example, suppose you hate motorcycles. Despise them. To you they are noisy and dangerous contraptions responsible for way too many deaths. If your friend began a discussion about them, could you honestly listen to his or her line of reasoning without adamantly having to share your views at the next pause?

This ‘total’ freedom is at the core of a life of true Magic. It eliminates all personal negativity. If you let go of all your beliefs you find you have nothing to prove and nothing to become angry over if things don’t go your way.

That amazing bird in the picture isn’t limited to the left or right side of the sky. The bird soars as it is led. It doesn’t have misconceptions about certain areas because of what it was taught, erroneously, in school or by other birds.

Its freedom is a state of being. There is no getting the best of another bird, no ideas of a certain tactic being better that has to receive our support at every turn, there are no sides.

Today, in the next conversation you have, see if you can listen without judging – for even a few words! Then, when it’s your turn to share your ‘side’ instead, ask a question of the other person for clarification.

See if you can listen to a full sentence someone else says without resistance, without judgment, without having to insert your contrasting view.

That is pure listening.

It comes from pure freedom

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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