Kicking Perfection Up A Notch

It’s a moment of quiet, divine quiet.

Take it further. If anything needs adjusting . . . Bathroom? Do it now. Pull the drapes if needed. Get the extra pillow and blanket. Find your most comfortable position. Scratch the itch. This is your time, be selfish.

This fantasy land can be robbed of its perfection by allowing thoughts of this world to be present. Let go of every ‘thing’ pertaining to your world. Your friends, problems, projects, politics, health, weather and plans will be knocking at your mental door, all wanting attention. Disappoint them! They’ll still be around when you are finished.

Let your mental capabilities become a pile of mush, inert and inoperative. Wallow in its absence – celebrate its inactivity. In this uninterrupted reverie, intentionally do nothing. Let every thought up there drain away. Die – to everything you know. Offer no assistance or life to anything of this world.

As it clears out you will notice your mental surroundings opening up. That area is meant for dreaming and drifting. If you feel like going higher, by all means, let that happen.

Rejoice, exult! This is perfection approaching. No thoughts of your own. For all intents and purposes you have disappeared. Most likely the act of giving thanks will just happen. When the greatest gift is received, thanks follows.

Soar. Be led. Accept the Perfection. Play around with It. Give it a place to live! Nourish it. Welcome it. Remember it.

For many, this whole process is difficult, for one reason; those pesky, worldly thoughts that are SO important to us will not leave us alone. We shut our eyes and there they are, doing a dance for us or starting a fire, or screaming – anything for attention.

With a bit of practice and a desire for the Infinite, the facets of our worldly game will become less and less powerful.

We are meant to fly, to soar, to dream, to exult.

Our runway is within, it just needs some debris removed.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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