Labeled Presents

Life is about ‘presents’ or offerings of one kind or another. We may see a product that catches our attention and in short order we must decide about its worthiness for us and whether we should buy it, (‘open’ it), or forget it.

And, they are everywhere. Turn on the TV and in a few seconds you can choose or reject an endless stream of drugs, insurance, vehicles, food, floor covering, etc. With each item comes a choice to listen or to flip to a new channel.

At home, you walk into a room with a bookshelf. Will one lucky tome be selected to be read today?

Sure, most of these choices are done by our automatic pilot, but ponder this . . .

This ‘Infinite Intelligence’ may just know us perfectly. It may know exactly what we should be doing and where and when and with what. If all of our petty little decisions were turned over to that, consider the potentials . . .

Instead of that bookshelf being dismissed, you may be directed to an obscure tome that on page 43 has the exact answer you need. Or, as you are in tune with the Infinite, the idea to check your mail is given to you. You follow, walk out to the mailbox and see your neighbor. That discussion that ensues contains your next piece of the puzzle.

Presents come in all shapes and sizes. Some, with elaborate wrappings, others – as a mental flicker – without a label.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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