The End of Reason

Grab a taxi, the spiritual ones are best. Put the top down, stand up and scream and don’t even wear a mask. Take all of your life savings and put it in the meter and escape.

Whatever you do, do it differently. Fly upside down, open the doors and scare the hell out of yourself. Go in reverse straight up. Tie a line to yourself, jump out, and be dragged around for an hour.

Go to areas where nothing makes sense (you won’t have to go far!). Go like a bullet, go like a roller coaster, go tumbling, bouncing, revolving, catapulting. Go the speed of sound, the speed of light, the speed of a turtle.

Dart over to the moon, the sun. Ride the wind, bite the clouds, feel the rain. Get covered with snow. Put on wings and soar. Take off the wings and soar.

Kick out the cabbie. Commandeer the cab. Paint on racing stripes, get a new jet engine, get a special seat just made for you.

Make the vehicle so fast it can out run the thoughts in your mind. Then fire it up and do just that. Out run everything. Cruise around for as long as you want. Feel one of those inhibiting thoughts coming on? Gun it. Leave it in the dust. Go toward the future – your future.

Outrun reason.

Tingle, become scared – petrified. Lose control! Then, really lose control. Forget ‘home’ and opt for experiences – of the highest kind.

You’ll be led to a place that is magical. A place where your thoughts do not matter at all. A complete unknown. Slowly, your heartbeat will slow down, your breathing will mellow.

There, right there, may be the real you. You’ll sit, exposed, vulnerable, unacquainted and mesmerized. You’ll continue to just sit; listening, feeling, searching for a clue or anything – orienting.

All you will get, all that you will experience, is a peace; most pure and most serene. (Hidden therein will be the entrance to your Baffling Mystery.)

A ‘Peace’ that is so extraordinary that it will never be forgotten. Indescribable in any way. Even the memory of it will be in only abstract visual snippets.

Snippets – of the Infinite.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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