The Infinite Stage

This ‘Infinite Stage’ – the stage of our lives – is not for our performance. There are not lines to learn or choreographed actions to be memorized. We are not even responsible for ‘what is playing’ at any given time.

Our role is to discover what is going on behind the curtain and to be ready to join in when we are invited.

It’s as if the play – of your Perfect life – is being performed right behind that curtain. Perhaps you have overheard amazing snippets from the storyline or envisioned glimpses of what was going on behind the curtain.

Take your seat, stare at the red veil. Listen.

Don’t worry, you will never be asked to ‘perform’. If and when alignment occurs the curtain will open a bit and you may be invited to join.

You will need no effort on your part, no guessing, no doubt and no acting will ever be required. This will be your new home, ready to supply you with everything you ever dreamed of, and more importantly, all those things you couldn’t have dreamed, until now.

All of your up and coming events will be laid out for you in perfect order and condition. The only things lacking will be those that are flawed in any way.

‘Is a ticket needed?’ you may ask. This ‘ticket’ comes when there isn’t really a desire for any ticket! The ticket is in preparation for arrival but it understands its arrival will only be beneficial to someone who has given up on all worldly devices for attainment.

The Ticket knows when there is doubt involved. It feels that lack of trust when it is passed through protective filters of all types that people have relied on for years. The ticket counter remains closed for such individuals.

But, the ticket counter opens immediately when it senses one particular emotion – surrender.

Unless that is a precedent – even the whereabouts of the stage will remain a mystery.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Surrender…turn it over…let go.
    Sweet…such sweetness in the surrender…daily freedom…moment to moment
    …thank you.


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